Taylor Raddysh Has Been Invisible This Season

Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports

Taylor Raddysh is struggling for the Chicago Blackhawks this season.

Struggling is putting it politely.

Raddysh is having a terrible 2023-24 campaign with just ten points so far. Last year Raddysh showed promise that he could be a future piece on the next great Hawks team with 20 goals and 17 assists. This year he has just five goals and five assists.

He has just one power-play goal this season. He had seven last season.

If Lukas Reichel was not having such an awful season, Raddysh would probably be getting more scorn. He did get dinged up this season, but it only led to him missing five games.

Raddysh was one of the players the Hawks got back in the Brandon Hagel deal with Tampa. It looked like the Blackhawks were going to get a player capable of scoring 20 or more goals for years to come last season.

Now it appears last season might have been his career year.

His shooting percentage is down to 6.8% this season from 15.5% last season. Raddysh is a -7.5 Corsi per 60 in all situations at even strength. Last year he was 8.1.

His advanced stats are down pretty much all across the board. Raddysh's hockey stat card is not pretty to look at.

Yet, Raddysh has been given a free pass while Reichel has been skewered. Although, Raddysh never had the hype Reichel had.

Reichel is the player who has scored a goal most recently. However, both of those players' last goals came in mid-December.

The offense has sputtered since Connor Bedard went on injured reserve with a fractured jaw earlier this month. Not having Reichel or Raddysh produce has not helped pick up the slack while the phenom is out.

That is why having Raddysh not producing has been interesting it has gone unnoticed. It has gotten to the point that is fair to wonder if he will be non-tendered this offseason.

Hopefully, he takes the All-Star break to heal up and clear his mind to come back strong in the second half.