Should The Chicago Blackhawks Trade Colin Blackwell At The NHL Trade Deadline?

He is one of the few players the Blackhawks have that could attract trade interest from a contender. The problem is the Hawks may not get much back.
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Colin Blackwell is another player who is rumored to be getting interest from contenders.

The veteran forward may not produce a lot of offense, but he does all the little things you want a bottom-six wing to do.

He plays hard. He is willing to go to the boards to win a puck battle. He will deliver a powerful hit when necessary. He has shown when he gets on that rare odd-man rush, he can put the biscuit in the basket.

Plus, he will be an unrestricted free agent who has a $1.2 million cap hit and will be 31 at the end of the season. The Hawks might as well get something for him as the team has plenty of forward options in their system who can fill Blackwell's role.

The problem is Blackwell will likely not fetch much of a return.

The Hawks at best are probably going to get a late-round pick. While the team could use one in this year's draft, they only have a sixth-round pick after the third round ends, those picks usually end up being nothing more than organizational depth pieces.

Plus, Blackwell wants to be here. That is right. He wants to stay during the losing part of this massive rebuild.

The main reason the Hawks do not have a lot many desirable veteran players on the trade market is because they extended them this season. The Hawks gave short-term extensions to veterans Nick Foligno, Jason Dickinson, and Petr Mrazek. The main reason they were retained was to be bridge players and provide veteran leadership.

Blackwell has a case to be a veteran bridge player too.