Another Weekly Macklin Celebrini Watch Update

Winslow Townson/GettyImages

The Chicago Blackhawks remain at the top of the standings. The Hawks are in the early stages of a massive rebuild so these are the type of standings you should expect them to lead.

The prize the NHL Draft Lottery winner gets is the right to draft generational talent Macklin Celebrini.

The Hawks did not do much to change their position over the week in having the best odds of winning the lottery. They picked up a point in the standings with an overtime loss to the New York Rangers. That closed the gap between them and the San Jose Sharks by two points.

Can the Sharks jump the Blackhawks this week in the Tankathon standings?

Yes, the Sharks will be back on the ice after completing their All-Star break. The Sharks have 33 points in the standings to the Hawks 31.

The Sharks have a two-game Canada road trip as they visit Winnipeg and Calgary. The Jets are 4-5-1 over their last 10 games while Calgary has started their roster teardown.

Still, those two teams have more talent and San Jose is terrible on the road with a 5-19-3 record. The Sharks then host Columbus on Saturday.

The Blackhawks host Vancouver, Pittsburgh, and Ottawa this week. San Jose can lose all three games they have and have the Hawks take all three games into overtime to take the top spot in the NHL Draft Lottery. If the Hawks lose all three, then their spot is safe. San Jose going 3-0 this week would give them 39 points so even if the Hawks somehow won three straight games, something the team has not done this season, they would still be two points behind the Sharks.

San Jose even getting one game into overtime and the Hawks only get two games still has the Blackhawks in last place.

Any other teams we need to worry about taking the top spot in Tankathon?

The Hawks would need to win all three games this week and have the Anaheim Ducks lose their three games this week for the Blackhawks to be a point behind them in standings.

The Ducks on are a three-game Canada road trip against Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto.

How did Macklin Celebrini play last week?

Amazing is the best way to describe his play.

Celebrini scored two goals for Boston University's victory over Boston College in the Beanpot semifinals last Monday.

He then added a goal and assist in the Terriers' 7-1 rout of Merrimack on Friday.

Who is Boston University playing this week?

The Terriers are back in Boston on Monday to face Northeastern in the Beanpot championship game. This game is for college hockey supremacy in Boston.

Boston U. then goes to Providence for a two-game trip on Friday and Saturday. Providence has a Blackhawks prospect on their roster. Defenseman Taige Harding has two goals and six assists on the season.

How did Blackhawks prospect Ryan Greene do for Boston University last week?

Greene scored what turned out to be the game-winning goal for the Terriers in their 4-3 win over BC.

He also added an assist against Merrimack.