How the choice between Levshunov and Demidov will change the Chicago Blackhawks' future

I truly believe that the Blackhawks cannot go wrong with drafting either of these two players. That being said, it is also true that deciding between the two players may determine how the Hawks go forward with roster construction, salary cap management and hockey-philosophy.
SKA Hockey Club player, Ivan Demidov (11) seen in action...
SKA Hockey Club player, Ivan Demidov (11) seen in action... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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It is easy to look at the NHL draft in a vacuum. You can scout the players, determine your rough hierarchy of their talent or NHL potential, and ultimately make your pick with an eye on simply improving the roster.

However, NHL General managers are paid the "big bucks" to look at the draft in multiple dimensions.

Kyle Davidson must keep his eyes trained on the present while considering the team's future. In the upcoming NHL Draft, Davidson can pick between two exceptional players at second overall.

Ivan Demidov is a dynamic offensive forward who has drawn comparisons to Nikita Kucherov for his hockey sense and playmaking. Artyom Levshunov is an excellent skater who fits the mold of the modern puck-moving defenseman that so many teams covet.

This choice isn't only a choice between two players at two different positions. It is a choice of which free agents the Blackhawks will target in the next few seasons to add to their young core. Depending on which player the Hawks draft, the strategy for the next few off-seasons will change dramatically.