How the choice between Levshunov and Demidov will change the Chicago Blackhawks' future

I truly believe that the Blackhawks cannot go wrong with drafting either of these two players. That being said, it is also true that deciding between the two players may determine how the Hawks go forward with roster construction, salary cap management and hockey-philosophy.
SKA Hockey Club player, Ivan Demidov (11) seen in action...
SKA Hockey Club player, Ivan Demidov (11) seen in action... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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If the Blackhawks draft Demidov...

This would immediately give clarity to the haziness around the future of Connor Bedard's wing. If Demidov is the pick, we can safely pencil in that the Hawks envision him as the long-term partner to Bedard.

This would be an excellent 1-2 punch on offense and I believe that in a few seasons, these two players could even have the effect that other great duos are having in the league today. (Think McDavid and Draisaitl... yes that is how good Demidov can be.)

This would also mean that there would be less pressure to add a truly exceptional offensive talent through free agency. Rather the Blackhawks could spend their money on veteran scoring depth and defense, and allow the young players up front to develop into the team's primary source of offense.

It would likely also mean that the Hawks project Frank Nazar and Oliver Moore to play on the second or third line rather than the first.

This choice however will also leave the future of the Hawks defense relatively unchanged. Depending on your opinion of Kevin Korchinski, Wyatt Kaiser, Nolan Allen and Ethan Del Mastro that may be fine. However, if you still feel that out of that group the Hawks need a true, undisputed number one defenseman, the Blackhawks will need to acquire that type of player either in a trade of via free agency.