The Colorado Avalanche Show How Inferior The Chicago Blackhawks Are Right Now

They have blown out the Blackhawks twice in five days.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
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The Blackhawks had chances to produce some offense on Tuesday, but they lack goal scorers right now.

Colorado has nine players already with double-digit goals led by MacKinnon's 39. Mikko Rantanen and Valeri Nichushkin have over 20 goals with Rantanen at 31 and Nichushkin at 22.

The Hawks have five double-digit goal scorers and none of them have reached 20 goals yet. Colorado has four players whose point production would be leading the Blackhawks.

Teams have figured out the Blackhawks offense once again. Harrass and frustrated Bedard, limit him working with Phillip Kurashev and do not allow Jason Dickinson or Nick Foligno to get a shot off. When the rest of the team struggles to score, it is pretty easy to shut them down.

Also, the Blackhawks typically need things to go perfectly to score. The Avalanche can get away with a huge margin for error because they have scorers.

Colorado has the talent to see their season-high losing streak only be four. The Blackhawks are one game shy of tying their season-high losing skid of eight.