Could Connor Bedard's Career Mirror that of Sydney Crosby?

Chicago Blackhawks v Pittsburgh Penguins
Chicago Blackhawks v Pittsburgh Penguins / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

Alot was made of the matchup between Sydney Crosby and Connor Bedard in Bedard's first ever game in the NHL. Subsequently, Connor Bedard's return game from a fractured jaw was ironically also against Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Each franchise star has been at the forefront in terms of awarness and admiration by hockey pundits near and far since they were young, but could their careers mirror eachother as well?

Sydney Crosby came into the league during what could only be called "the Sydney Crosby draft" in which the league, coming off a lock-out season, had to alter it's normal draft lottery system (weighted lottery system based on playoff appearances in the prior three seasons 2002-2004) to determine the team that would draft the young star from Halifax.

Despite being a sub 6 foot center, Crosby was destined to light up the score board in the NHL from day 1, only question was would he pair "wins" with all those "stats"? Fast forward to three Stanley Cups and over 1500 points and Crosby is locked into a Hall of Fame career already. Will Connor Bedard see this type of adorned adulation come to him during his time on the ice? Let's take a look at what may happen....

Sidney Crosby
Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers - Game Five / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

As a rookie in the 2005-2006 season, Crosby was even better than advertised with over a 100 point season. The team success however was not in line with the play of the city's newest superstar. With just 22 wins on the season the Penguins were constantly on the highlight reel for both Sidney Crosby's accolades as well as their defensive lapses. Sound familiar?

Since that rookie season though, Crosby and the Penguins (as eluded to earlier) turned it around with smart money management as well as key drafting decisions in the drafts just after selecting Sydney Crosby. There hasn't been a losing season since his rookie year (this season is the lowest point % year of Crosby's tenure since year 1 mind you). Could the Chicago Blackhawks and Connor Bedard be in line with the same time line?

Connor Bedard
Pittsburgh Penguins v Chicago Blackhawks / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

There will be no shortage of chances as the Blackhawks, in thanks to Kyle Davidson's dealings, have 14 selections in the top 2 rounds over the next 3 drafts. That kind of asset management should see the Blackhawks roster dramatically change around Connor Bedard and hopefully translate into a quick pivot in terms of the teams' win-loss teetering.

So again, the question is will this young Canadian sub-6 foot center that has been applauded by all since he first became a teenager see team success paired with personal statistical success as early as year 2? That is yet to be seen, but the pieces are in place and only time holds the answer now.

Note: The Penguins and Blackhawks have concluded their season series and both teams are currently out of the playoff picture.