Could the Chicago Blackhawks Select Sam Dickinson in the Top 4 Picks of the Draft?

London Knights v Oshawa Generals
London Knights v Oshawa Generals / Chris Tanouye/GettyImages

Gabe Foley (@NHLFoley) is the managing editor and head of amateur scouting for @RecScouting. He is also someone that we have had years of conversations with behind the scenes when comparing thoughts on draft eligibles, under the radar prospects, and in general just great hockey debates (he is a Blues fan though, so please don't hold that against him).

Recently he sent out of a "tweet" (are they still called tweets 🤷‍♂️ ) that caught our eye:

In our Future Blackhawk series, we did an in depth view on Sam Dickinson and of course there is a lot to like in terms of the potential fit within this current Blackhawks roster. No, he isn't right handed like an Artyom Levshunov... however Sam Dickinson does potentially offer the ability to be flexible on either side. While not common, Dickinson could materialize to be good in so many categories that if any one can handle that type of transistion it would be him.

This scouting breakdown by Blue Chip Prospect is from 2 months ago and to update his stats since then Dickinson had an unbelievable season for the London Knights (70 points in 68 games, with 18 goals). With a physically mature frame (6'3 194lbs) despite being one of the younger prospects in the class (June birthday) it's not out of the question to project him to be a true top pairing option as a two way defenseman.

While Levshunov gets most of the attention from Chicago fans, and rightfully so, it's noteworthy that there is a very real scenario where Levshunov could be off the board when the Hawks make their selection. Right now, the Blackhawks look like they will have a guaranteed top 4 pick. If they do get "unlucky" and are in that 4th spot though it's highly probable that Artyom Levshunov is off the board. Would they pivot to Sam Dickinson at that point is the question....