Do the Blackhawks Currently have a Rival?

St Louis Blues v Washington Capitals
St Louis Blues v Washington Capitals / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Recently, I posed the question on my twitter account (@Blackhawk_Up) on if the Chicago Blackhawks even have a rival these days. I wondered if there was still a hatred for the matchups of old, like the ones we had with Detroit or even Vancouver (at one point we were 19-19 in playoff games afterall). Nope. The Canucks got only 1% of that vote, the Red Wings just 8%.

I actually got more write in votes for the Predators than those teams. Seems that there was still alot of vitriol for Nashville even from the younger generations. I'm assuming they have a banner that says "once a rival to a 3x Stanley Cup Champion" . No, when it came down to it from almost 1,200 voters there were two clear answers:

We either don't have a rival at the present moment (53%) or it is and always will be the St. Louis Blues (38%). Geography, games played per season, divisional competition still loom large with the Blues from a Blackhawks perspective it's true. At the moment, both teams are are lottery teams so the winning aspect of it is null and void unfortunately.

What the future holds is anyones guess, but odds are we will not truly have a rival until the team is competing at the highest levels again. Whom will rise with us could determine whom we battle with in future matchups. Will it / could it be St. Louis? Let's hope so, because there is not a better feeling than to win and beat your rival at the same time.