How drafting well is working out for the Dallas Stars and can do the same for the Chicago Blackhawks

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Blackhawks hold the No. 2 overall pick that has everyone excited. Granted it is not the top pick which means missing out on a chance to get Macklin Celebrini. Plus, the Hawks face a tough decision between likely drafting forward Ivan Demidov or defensman Artyom Levshunov.

Regardless, the Hawks have another opportunity to add a talented prospect to their deep prospect pool. They also have the No. 18 overall pick in this year's draft after making a deal with the New York Islanders. It was an interesting decision to move up two spots a month before the NHL Draft.

At the same time moving up two picks gives the Blackhawks a better opportunity to get a better player.

Drafting well is what will get the Chicago Blackhawks back into the playoffs. Just look at what drafting quality players has done for the Dallas Stars who are two games away from getting to the Stanley Cup Finals (a subscription is required to access this link).

11 players on the Stars roster were drafted by the team.

Miro Heiskanen was taken in the first round in 2017 and is the team's top defenseman. Jason Robertson was also taken in the second round that year. They are both leading the team in the points this postseason. Wyatt Johnson was taken in the first round of 2021 and is leading the team in goals during the playoffs.

Plus, Robertson led the team in points during the regular season and Johnson had the most goals.

Goalie Jake Oettinger has been outstanding this season and has 10 wins this postseason. He was taken with the 26th pick in 2017. The 2017 draft yielded the Stars their starting goaltender, No. 1 defenseman, and point leader.

Roope Hintz scored 30 goals this season for the Stars, and he was selected during the second round of 2015. Jamie Benn has been in Dallas for what seems like forever as he was drafted by the Stars in the fifth round of 2007.

The hope is the Blackhawks can leverage the draft much like the Stars have.

The 2022 draft for the Hawks could be like what the 2017 draft was for the Stars. The Hawks already have Kevin Korchinski on the NHL roster. Frank Nazar III is now in the fold and Sam Rinzel has the potential to develop like Alex Vlasic has. That is two potential top defensemen and a center to go along with Connor Bedard in last year's draft.

That is why these past two drafts plus this year's draft are so important to the future of the Chicago Blackhawks. If they get it right, the Hawks have a chance to get back into the playoffs and hopefully enjoy some success like their division rival currently is.