Dylan Strome: To trade or not to trade?

Dylan Strome
Dylan Strome / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Dylan Strome has been probably the most fascinating story on the Blackhawks this season. From being a healthy scratch back in October, to scoring 12 goals and 11 assists in his last 23 games, we don't know if he'll be back in Chicago next season. Hell, even next week. Strome probably doesn't know either. Does Kyle Davidson even know?

Unless you get a crazy offer at the trade deadline such as a first round pick and/or a prospect, I believe you should keep Dylan Strome. There's no sense in trading him for a third or fourth round draft pick that'll likely not turn into an NHL player. You might as well keep him.

Not only has Strome taken off this past while, Alex DeBrincat and Patrick Kane have as well. Since Friday, February 25, in over 47 minutes of even strength ice time, the trio has put up a 55.05% corsi, a 54.76% fenwick, and a 54.90% xG. They've also been on the ice for 7 goals for and 6 against. Though the three players don't play much defense, they sure know how to generate offense.

Dylan Strome has also became a more complete player instead of a one trick pony. He's not just a great playmaker, but also a great shooter. He's on pace to break his career high of 20 goals back in 2018-19, with 23 this season. Also, his faceoff numbers are at 52.78%.

Strome has probably been the best center on the Blackhawks this season. Especially when you take into consideration the lacklustre play of Kirby Dach and Jonathan Toews. It's hard to find a real negative to keeping him, but there's some question marks.

Should the just turned 25 year old be here during a rebuild? Does he want to be here during a rebuild? It's going to be a long road for the Blackhawks, they might not be a good team until he turns 30.

Dylan Strome's qualifying offer is $3.6 million. That's probably around what he's worth, give or take a few hundred thousand dollars. In theory, the Blackhawks could let him walk to free agency, then sign him to a cheaper contract, but that rarely happens. Do you want to give money and term to a player that's inconsistent and doesn't play a full 200 foot game? I don't envy the situation Strome must be in right now.

There's also the human aspect to this. Dylan Strome loves Chicago, has a young daughter, and is long time friends with Alex DeBrincat.

It's certainly been an adventure for the Mississauga, Ontario native. From scoring 89 points in his first 116 games as a Blackhawk, to being healthy scratched and being in trade talks, it's been crazy. While not a perfect player, Strome will be an impact player no matter what team he'll be on after March 21.