An early look at the Blackhawks needs for the 2024 NHL Draft

The 2024 NHL Draft will once again be a big deal for Blackhawks fans as the team can snag the No. 1 pick for the second straight season.
Chicago Blackhawks v Los Angeles Kings
Chicago Blackhawks v Los Angeles Kings / Harry How/GettyImages
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The Chicago Blackhawks have a big club that needs a ton of talent upgrades, and the best way for general manager Kyle Davidson to further maximize those upgrades is through the 2024 NHL Draft. So far, Davidson has a couple of high-end centers, two goaltenders, and a pair of blueliners among his best prospects, so there is some variety. 

But being so early in what is an organizational rebuild, there are still a few positions Davidson must address. Once he enhances the following areas of need, the Hawks will be poised to enter the next phase of this long, drawn-out process. 

A few left wingers would seriously bolster the pipeline

To the Blackhawks credit, they have quite a few versatile wingers in their prospects pool, but none are pure left wingers in Scott Wheeler of The Athletic’s rankings until you reach Gavin Hayes, so it would be ideal for Kyle Davidson to snag at least one winger with an early-round pick. This doesn’t mean he must forgo drafting Macklin Celebrini or Ivan Demidov to address the position if he has a chance to get one of them, as the Blackhawks still need to take the best player who falls to them in the first round. 

Neither Celebrini nor Demidov is listed as left wingers, but that’s okay, as there will be plenty of talent either with the second first round pick or later in the draft. If the Blackhawks see someone like Igor Chernyshov or Trevor Connelly fall to their second selection, Davidson would be wise to grab them. 

But even then, with the Blackhawks still figuring to be one of the bottom 10, if not bottom five teams next season, Davidson could once again grab the best available and wait until a later round to address the left wing. 

Regardless of what he decides here, there is no wrong answer unless he reaches for a left winger. The entire point is that he simply must address the position sooner than later, but not at the expense of the best available.