Who are a few names that the Blackhawks could look at with the 18th pick in the NHL Draft?

With over a month before the NHL Draft, Kyle Davidson and the Chicago Blackhawks made the jump from 20 to 18 in the first round. Who are some options that could be available at that pick?
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Even though the NHL Draft is still a month away, Kyle Davidson and the Chicago Blackhawks made headlines recently when they made a trade with the New York Islanders. In exchange for the 20th overall pick (first round) and picks 54 and 61 (second round), the Blackhawks received picks 18 (first round) and 50 (second round) from the Islanders.

The timing of the trade is interesting, especially with the draft being a little ways away still. Clearly, Davidson and Co. have someone on their radar, however, with the trade occurring well before draft night, it's unclear just how realistic their chances are of reeling in whoever they have in mind.

Before the Blackhawks get to that point, they still have to determine what they will do with the 2nd overall pick. As of now, it seems like the debate is between defenseman Artyom Levshunov from Michigan State or forward Ivan Demidov out of Russia.

Getting the choice between the two of them is a good problem to have, as both seem like the type of players who will make an impact in the organization down the line. What they decide to do with that pick, however, will have an impact on the route they go at 18 as well.

Should Davidson decide to take Levshunov, it seems logical that he would address forwards later in the draft and vice versa if he decides to take Demidov. With that being said, let's take a look at a few names that could be available for the Blackhawks to take with the 18th pick in the upcoming draft.