Who are a few names that the Blackhawks could look at with the 18th pick in the NHL Draft?

With over a month before the NHL Draft, Kyle Davidson and the Chicago Blackhawks made the jump from 20 to 18 in the first round. Who are some options that could be available at that pick?
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If the Blackhawks go forward first...

Assuming the Blackhawks are looking to add a right-shot defenseman with one of their premium picks, the options are slim for them at 18.

One name, however, that fits that description is Adam Jiricek with HC Plzen in Czechia.

At six foot, two inches and 168 lbs., Jiricek has been dealing with a knee injury that has limited the ability of scouts to properly evaluate his game heading into the draft.

With that being said, scouts see Jiricek as someone who is more of a well-rounded player and he doesn't have one trait or skill that shines significantly more than others. They like his two-way ability and believe he can be a top-four defender who can play in all situations in the NHL.

While these are just a few names that the Blackhawks could look at with the 18th pick, there should be a handful of intriguing options available. It seems like there will be more availability in the forward group than defensemen, so maybe Davidson tipped his hand a little bit and is leaning towards taking Levshunov with the second pick?

Time will tell if that proves to be true. Given that the Blackhawks still have multiple second round picks this year, maybe Davidson is also looking at another potential trade up and made it a little easier on himself with having 18 as a starting point instead of 20?

Regardless, he gave the Blackhawks a better opportunity to get closer to selecting someone who might not be there at 20, which is never a bad thing even though the timing is interesting.