Former head coach Joel Quenneville addresses his part in the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks sexual assault scandal

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports
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He spoke on the Cam and Stick Podcast to address his role and he provided some interesting details.

He admitted that after he read the report he was sickened by Aldrich's actions and how he used the power of being on the coaching staff over Beach. He said once the report dropped, it was the first he knew it was a sexual assault that took place.

Quenneville also gave his account of what happened in the meeting detailed in the Jenner report.

Quenneville also disclosed that he should have done more once he was told about the incident. He claims sexual assault was never brought up when he was first informed, but he should have probed more regarding what had happened.

Quenneville also said he did reach out to Beach but did not want to disclose the details of the conversation.

First, bravo to Andy Strickland for conducting such a great interview. He did an outstanding job of asking follow-up questions and the right questions.

Second, this almost feels like an apology tour for Quenneville to get back into the NHL. He admitted that some teams have found ways to gauge his interest in jobs and he in return has admitted there are jobs he wants. The guy has been a hockey lifer, and he has been reduced to a spectator. Those are the consequences that come from the role he played.