Game Review: Penguins upend Blackhawks on Hossa's Big Night

Pittsburgh Penguins v Chicago Blackhawks
Pittsburgh Penguins v Chicago Blackhawks / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

There was a game tonight, however Sunday night was about Marian Hossa's (my favorite all-time player) #81 going up into the rafters at the United Center. It was the first time a Blackhawk player had worn the number and it will now be the last time. What a special night for Marian and his entire family.

I can't fault the Blackhawks play tonight that much. The coaching staff tried some new things as well to try and compensate for a lack of skilled blueliners. The Hawks hustled and played hard, even out-shooting just their second opponent all season. You could really see Toews, Kane, Kurashev, Mitchell, and Johnson really giving it their all.

I thought Ian Mitchell brought alot of energy in his 49th career game. He even tried a power move to the crease to try and get a greasy goal. I absolutely loved this play. It was unexpected from him and it showed me alot of grit. I truly hope that this is the time that Ian grabs ahold of an NHL spot and never lets it go.

The Toews to Kane goal was beautiful. The pass was a difficult one and Kaner's top shelf in tight goal was even more so. I think that it's just time to let those 2 play together for the next few months. Why not? The team is starting to see their record go South, now at .417 point % and 6th worst record in the league.

The Penguins are an average team this year, one that will likely fight for a last playoff spot into the final weeks of the season. We lost 5-3 tonight to them and it shows us truly where we are. Boston and Carolina just hammered us with skill and coaching. The Hawks were never in those games. Tonight however, you could see how competitive we can be despite being out-matched on a skill level. It was entertaining and our guys played hard on Marian's special evening.

Here's to you Big Hoss. Congratulations!