Grading Kyle Davidson's first-round picks in his third draft as Chicago Blackhawks GM

Kyle Davidson has now gone through three drafts as the GM of the Chicago Blackhawks. It is fair at this point to draw conclusions about his overall draft philosophy and to assess whether that philosophy is bearing fruit for the Blackhawks.
2024 Upper Deck NHL Draft - First Round
2024 Upper Deck NHL Draft - First Round / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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Final First Round Grade: A-

I feel like Blackhawks fans may disagree with giving Davidson such a high score for this draft, especially after it seemed like they had fallen in love with Demidov, and then they were screaming for him to pick Cole Eiserman at number 18.

However, he got the guys that he and the organization wanted, and that's what you want your GM to do. Find a player he believes in, target them, scout them, acquire them, and then ultimately develop them. So allow the Hawks to develop these players and when we see them on the ice in a few years we can fairly assess them.

Look, I understand the frustration, but again I caution fans against judging a draft only on draft day. We need to see these kids develop, round out their games, and play professional hockey before we truly know which ones are hits and which ones are duds. At least maintain the possibility in your minds that these three players may become integral parts of a future championship team in Chicago.

Oh, and I should also remind you, we have Connor Bedard!! Every pick from here on is gravy on top of the potatoes, icing on the cake, cherry on the ice cream, etc. We have our Generational talent. The tough job now for Davidson is to find the right supporting pieces to allow Bedard to become everything he is destined to be. In this draft, I feel that the Hawks got one step closer to doing just that.