Happy Holidays Blackhawks Fans, Don't Worry it will be OK

Champions Classic: Duke v Michigan State
Champions Classic: Duke v Michigan State / Lance King/GettyImages

As we embark on the Holiday break (from hockey, work, and hopefully 3rd period collapses) it is important to realize what is important when it comes to the Chicago Blackhawks. Yes, things are bleak at the moment:

1. There seems to be no end in sight to the losing

2. The Hawks defense and goaltending is getting worse

3. It appears only time is on the side of Hawks fans

Time, after all, is where GM Kyle Davidson has laid his plan into effect. He has 2 drafts now to try and lay a new foundation of future Blackhawk stalwarts to start a new winning era of hockey. In only 2 drafts he has amassed an impressive list of prospects and now NHL regulars. Connor Bedard and Kevin Korchinski are already here (NHL level) and Oliver Moore, Frank Nazar, Sam Rinzel, Ryan Greene, Gavin Hayes, Adam Gajan, Roman Kantserov, Sam Savoie, and Nick Lardis are on their way.

Now add in 14 picks in the top 2 rounds over the next 3 drafts. Those 3 drafts will be completed in 918 days from today (give or take based on the league calendar). That means that the Blackhawks will have a completely new team in less than 1000 days to help surround the players mentioned like Connor Bedard and Kevin Korchinksi.

So let's be thankful. Thankful to get that 11.5% chance that the right set of ping pong balls came up in a year where there was a true generational talent. Thankful that the new ownership, organizational staff, and leadership is in place and has (so far) held those at fault accountable in quick fashion. Thankful that better days are ahead and that this team (with more top picks yet to be made) is in position to not only contend to be a winning team, but to be set up to be a new dynasty.

The days ahead may be long, but the light at the end of this tunnel is bright. So let's shrug off the defensive gasps, the poor play in net, and the 3rd period collapses for now. Happy Holidays from all of us here at Blackhawk Up.

Connor Bedard
St Louis Blues v Chicago Blackhawks / Michael Reaves/GettyImages