Has Patrick Kane Earned Himself a Big Contract this Offseason?

Sure seems that way

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No, the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings are in completely two different timeframes in terms of their rebuilds. The Red Wings have a roster full of highly picked players that are now coming into their own and Patrick Kane seems like he was the right addition at the right time. Chicago, on the other hand, is just starting that process and while Connor Bedard is one heck of a first step,.... it is just the first step.

The other aspect of this hypothetical is that Detroit just named Dyaln Larkin (in the prime of his career at 27) their captain and Chicago just said goodbye to their long time captain (Jonathan Toews). That transistion of leadership would not lend well to the Hawks organically coming together as a new unit with Patrick Kane (and the old dynasty moniker lingering around with him) still on the roster.

So in essence this is a perfect scenario for Detroit, however it would not have played out the same way in Chicago (in theory). However the season plays out, Blackhawk Up is cheering on Patrick Kane. We hope he does well, continues his strong play, and earns himself a long contract with the team of his choosing. Whether that's in Detroit or any other city, make no mistake about it.... he'll always be Chicago's #88.

Patrick Kane
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