I Don't Understand the Jake McCabe Rumors

Chicago Blackhawks v St Louis Blues
Chicago Blackhawks v St Louis Blues / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages

Today, TSN's Pierre LeBrun (@PierreVLeBrun, or visit www.tsn.ca) said this:

"Jake McCabe is drawing steady interest from contenders. Signed for 2 more years after this season at a $4M AAV. Sense from sources around the league is that the asking price from Blackhawks includes a 1st-RD pick. And if Hawks retain salary making him a $2M player, price increases..."

Well that is certainly a juicy rumor from one of the most well-respected insiders in NHL media. The part I don't understand though is when you start to look at the comment section from this tweet. The consensus seems to be that Jake McCabe is not worth a 1st round pick at all. I mean, are they all just watching Hawks games everytime like all of us?

Jake McCabe may not be the exciting add like a Jakob Chychrun is (more offensively inclined, younger, can play both sides), however he is a very affordable and reliable top 4 defenseman for any team in the NHL. He is healthy, tough, and has been playing his best hockey in years of late.

Mystery stat of the year: The Chicago Blackhawks are a -58 on the season, yet McCabe is somehow a +3 taking on the other teams best players for 913 minutes this year so far? McCabe has also never been a big point getter (career high is 22 last season) however he is on a 26 point per 82 game pace this season as well.

There are, of course, the unmeasurable affects that a team can benefit from Jake McCabe. The toughness, the little chip outs, the pinches, and as of last night the unexpected breakaway chances (which he got off a really nice shot).

No internet and fans of contenders, I don't get you. Why is Jake McCabe, especially at $2M for 2.5 years, not worth your pick in the 20s and some sweetners? Do you not want a dependable top 4 defenseman that brings toughness to your team each night? You don't want to win, fine we'll keep Jake McCabe for another year... When the price gets steeper next trade deadline.