If Patrick Kane is willing to go to Edmonton, it would be a Win-Win-Win

Edmonton Oilers v Montreal Canadiens
Edmonton Oilers v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages

Ok, hear me out on this one. Patrick Kanes' value has never been lower. Chicago is willing to retain 50% of his contract making it a 5.25 million dollar cap hit. Edmonton, clearly looking for help, could add Kane on a cheaper ask than ever before for their playoff run.

Wide spread rumor is that they are going to move on from Jesse Puljujarvi. He is all but gone at this point except for the one valuable thing he is adding right now: his 3 million dollar cap number.

Could Kyle Davidson pull off this: Patrick Kane at 5.25m to Edmonton for Puljujarvi (3m), defenseman Vincent Desharnais (762k), and a 2nd round pick? To me it makes alot of sense. They have just under 2 million of cap space at the moment, so adding Puljujarvi and Desharnais to a 50% retained Kane is just about even money. The second round pick isn't anything special, however it may be all that Kane is worth given his recent play.

Puljujarvi is having a terrible season. His offensive IQ out there is lost. He is however a big, former top 5 pick, young wing with alot of skill when he has the puck. He still has his RFA status and could be looked at by head coach Richardson as someone worth trying out at the very least. He did average over .5 PPG over the prior 2 seasons after all.

Desharnais is a big and strong defensiveman that has played well in a short span, so it isn't just a throw in. He also has another year on that 762,500 deal so he could be looked at as a guy that can play minutes at the NHL level next season as well as be a trade chip next deadline.

Out of all the options in the league at the moment, I don't know if Patrick Kane would get a better chance to have fun like this (playing with their talent) for the remainder of the season. Playing with the high end players that the Oilers have could certainly spark his game, something I'm sure Edmonton would like to buy low on right now.

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