Is a 2nd Round Pick Enough for Sam Lafferty?

Chicago Blackhawks v Calgary Flames
Chicago Blackhawks v Calgary Flames / Derek Leung/GettyImages

Sam Lafferty may be the Blackhawks' best player at the present moment. That is strange to write, wierd to see, and also may be entirely correct. He kills penalties, has elite speed, is great with the puck, wins board battles, and takes on every role asked of him.

Lafferty also has an outstanding contract, given his play, that is more valuable to a cap strapped contender than to us. All these facts make Sam Lafferty a great addition to any team, but to a contender more than anything.

So what would it cost to pry away Lafferty (with another year left at 1.15m AAV at just age 27) from Chicago? I believe it starts with a 2nd round pick at this point (likely in the 50s) and I think with enough teams involved reaches a Mattias Janmark type of deal.

In the end, I believe enough contenders drive up his price and we could be getting back a 2nd in 2023 and a future 3rd round pick from a team that is built to win for the next 2 seasons.

It's also interesting to point out that at this point I believe Lafferty will be our only big move of the trade deadline. McCabes' value has waned a bit of late and I believe with the term left, Davidson could hold onto him if he doesn't recieve a 1st round pick. There are only 15 days until the deadline of March 3rd.