Is Artyom Levshunov a Future Chicago Blackhawk?

Sure looks that way
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Let's start with his play before he got to Michigan State. Below you'll see a highlight package from his year in the USHL. Physically ahead of the competition, but also showing excellent skating and the ability to keep his head up while making turns, pivots, and reversals on passes. This is a crucial part of any top pairing blue liner at the next level, one that Levshunov looks to have had at an early age.

When he arrived at Michigan State (of note; Duncan Keith also went to Michigan State) Levshunov's game and physical maturity was not that of a freshman. Big, strong, and skilled he is above a point per game at the moment (24 points in 23 games) for a deep team that has 6 players at 20points or above and 11 over .5 ppg. All that and with Trey Augustine (.913 save percentage) and this could end up being a potential frozen four season for the Spartans.

Below this is a breakdown on his overall play in his D minus 1 year for Green Bay. You'll note the focus on that he is not just an offensive defenseman as he uses his strength, size, and skating to potentially become an elite two way option as he progresses.

As of today, amongst the top scouting services, Levshunov is now ranked between 2nd all the way to 10th for draft eligible players. Some of those rankings (like the 10th ranking) are over 6 weeks dated however. The #2 ranking (NA skaters by Central Scouting) is new this week however and shows a trend upwards that Levshunov is now a likely top 5 pick in the 2024 NHL Entry Draft. His consolidated draft position has now risen to #5 overall on Elite Prospects as well. This is the range that the Chicago Blackhawks will likely draft.

So is Artyom Levshunov a fit for the Chicago Blackhawks?