Is Artyom Levshunov a Future Chicago Blackhawk?

Sure looks that way
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Here is the question that scares me though. Without question, even 160 days before the draft, I believe that picks 2 through 10 may just come down to team preference. If the Blackhawks draft 2nd, they can take Levshunov. After #2 overall though, I'm not sure he will be there. Maybe Demidov comes back from injury and secures himself as the 2nd best prospect. Perhaps Sam Dickinson is just too safe of a pick for a team and they select him above Levshunov.

Sam Dickinson
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Cole Eiserman may score a record # of goals this year, and despite his other deficiencies, could be just taken on that fact alone. Anton Silayev is this years "unicorn" player and is seen as a great skating defender that just so happens to be 6'7 and a younger player for the class. All of these players could just be the preferred selection for any team if they draft ahead of the Blackhawks.

Cole Eiserman
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For Chicago though, it seems like Artyom Levshunov is quickly becoming the perfect pick if they don't win the draft lottery for a second consecutive year. As mentioned on the previous page (3 points) Levshonov sure does look like a good bet to be a future Chicago Blackhawk.

The other option here for the Blackhawks seems to be to take a forward at the top of the draft (Lindstrom, Demidov, Catton, Eiserman, or Celebrini) and then look at the defenders with the Tampa Bay 1st round pick acquired in the Brandon Hagel deal. That would mean players like Adam Jiricek, Aron Kiviharju, Zayne Parekh, Carter Yakemchuk, or Henry Mews. All of which are good prospects, but not quite like Artyom Levshunov.... potential future Chicago Blackhawk?