Is it Shaping Up as a Two-Way Race for the Best NHL Lottery Odds?

Season is winding down...
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While it's no surprise that the San Jose Sharks and the Chicago Blackhawks are at the bottom of the NHL standings, it also looks like the gap may have widened of late. With just 23 games left to go and the March 8th trade deadline still to pass, the Hawks have the leagues worst point % at a .297 clip. The Sharks are just above that with a .307 point %.

It's the rest of the contenders for the best odds at landing prized draft eligible Macklin Celebrini that have made some noise of late though. Both Anaheim and Columbus have 9 points in their last 10 matchups while Ottawa recently went 5-2-1 on an eight game streak. Those 3 teams now are not as close to the Sharks and Hawks as they once were.

As it stands now:

32. Blackhawks 35 points (.297 pt %)

31. Sharks 35 points (.307 pt %)

30. Ducks 43 points (.371 pt %)

29. Blue Jackets 48 points (.421 pt %)

28. Coyotes 51 points (.440 pt %)

These 5 particular teams being at the bottom is not a suprise, however in a year where it looks as though there is a player that has been identified as a clear cut top overall selection every point (or lack thereof) seems to matter coming down the stretch.

Macklin Celebrini
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In a prior article here at Blackhawk Up it was mentioned that the month of March will be the defining time period in determing said lottery odds. Who will be lucky enough to have the right to select the talented forward? March will determine as much...