Blackhawks' Fans: it is Time to Retire Chelsea Dagger

Lead vocalist, guitarist and keyboard player Jon Fratelli...
Lead vocalist, guitarist and keyboard player Jon Fratelli... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

One thing is certain after the Trade Deadline... We are moving on and rebuilding from what was the greatest era of Blackhawks hockey. With the trade of Patrick Kane and the seemingly inevitable day when Jonathan Toews moves on, is it time to also move on from The Fratellis' Chelsea Dagger as our goal song?

The song is in lock step with the emergence of Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews and is synonymous with our 3 Stanley Cup winning seasons. Since the 2007-2008 campaign the infamous "do do do do do do" has been echoed throughout the United Center to build up excitement and commend a great Hawks' tally.

Now, as we embark on a new direction for the team, shouldn't we also go in a new direction with our beloved goal song? Yes, it is hard to let go. In the past the team used to run out individually themed goal songs and "crowd chant" (courtesy of Pat Boyle of NBC Sports for that information, to celebrate a Hawks' goal. Those didn't stick, they have no lasting memory, no significance that invokes a wry smile releasing serotonin. That's what Chelsea Dagger does. It has us remember the great wins, the tough playoff triumphs, and the cup winning seasons. Basically it makes us all happy.

While it may seem like the "right thing to do" to leave the song in play, let me give you my opinion. I firmly believe it is time to move on from Chelsea Dagger as our celebratory song for the Blackhawks when they score. I believe it is important to immortalize the song with those 15 unbelievable years. Years we will never forget and will associate with The Fratellis iconic hook.

We run the risk of tarnishing and diminishing the legacy of the song by attaching it to a new era of Blackhawks that may see us through a long rebuild. I, for one, do not want to have this song as a theme that is now correlated with losing and rebuilding. I want to love it forever and for that to happen, it must first be taken away.

I started a poll question today about if fans want to keep the song or go in a different direction. I gave options like perhaps making a new EDM-style theme song (like John Wick Mode for the Golden Knights) or perhaps picking a classic rock song everyone enjoys (alot of teams do this) or even to keep it local and pick a song from a Chicago area band. Nope! With almost 750 votes in under 2 hours it's almost a foregone conclusion that 2/3 of voters say to keep the quintessential beat of the Blackhawks as is.

To these fans, I say this: I understand. I also feel you are wrong. We have a new team, new management, and new direction. How can we fully move on if we are keeping things of the past? Let's embrace the new, with everything new. It's time. For 15 seasons we have cheered on with Chelsea Dagger as our background anthem, but just like all good things....

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