Ivan Demidov Prospect Profile: Is he a Future Chicago Blackhawk?

Perhaps, perhaps not
SKA Hockey Club player, Ivan Demidov (11) seen in action...
SKA Hockey Club player, Ivan Demidov (11) seen in action... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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As the season starts to wind down, typically during a rebuild season fans alike will look next towards the Trade Deadline (March 8th). For fans of the Blackhawks however it appears that their teams' deadline may be quieter than last years (extensions for Mrazek, Dickinson, and Foligno in short order). So with Connor Bedard out and the team in last place (tied with San Jose) the prospect series roles on. Let's take a look at Russian forward Ivan Demidov.

Demidov is a 5'11 forward playing in the MHL for SKA - St. Petersburg. While getting into 6 KHL games, it's been in the MHL where Demidov has made a name for himself as a highly skilled offensive player. Showcasing elite level offensive IQ and regularly demonstrating the ability to create scoring chances in tight spaces, Demidov is easily one of the most skilled players in this draft class.

Recently back from injury (knee injury in October) Demidov wasted no time proving he was both healthy and ready to show he is one of the best prospects for the upcoming NHL draft. Here is a video (via Habs Prospect Videos) from this weeks matchups that focus in on his passing and finishing ability as a wing. (He is #11)

How are Ivan Demidov's stats in the MHL?