Kevin Korchinski Could be a Blackhawk by Next Season

St Louis Blues v Chicago Blackhawks
St Louis Blues v Chicago Blackhawks / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Blackhawks' #1 prospect is Kevin Korchinski. I do not think this is up for debate. Not only is he the highest drafted Blackhawk in the pipeline, but his play in the WHL is backing it up. He just netted his 50th point this season (37 games) and is on pace for over 70 points as a defenseman in the WHL.

He also doesn't turn 19 until the end of June, making him quite young for the draft class. The rule in place is that a prospect from the CHL can't play for the AHL is one that is widely debated. Still, it is in place making this a tough call for both the Blackhawks and for Kevin Korchinski.

Would he want to return to the Seattle Thunderbirds for his 4th full season? Perhaps, but most likely he has played his way out of that league and onto better competition. The real question then becomes is he ready for the NHL?

Well there is the real question as in the past, our former GM Stan Bowman, would have likely rushed him to the NHL and seen what he had ready or not. Those results were always negative for Chicago, so maybe we should just play it safe and let Korchinski play another year for Seattle and then at 20 years old play in Rockford. That would be the patient and wise move.

Still, if you look at his skill, speed, and power play ability he may just be too good to not bring up to the big club for the 2023-2024 campaign. Would it be in the teams' best interest? Davidson and Richardson could give him that 8-9 game trial and see if there is a fit.

The above video is of a recent game that Seattle won 3-0. Korchinski has the first goal of the game (3:19 of video) from the point netting it high right side. You can also see some highlights of Nolan Allen as well as draft eligibles' like Milic and Sawchyn (whom I like alot).

Whichever way the team goes with Kevin Korchinski should be one that is based sorely on his play independant of the past decisions of this franchise I feel. When you watch him play though, he sure looks ready for those United Center lights.