Konsta Helenius Profile, is he a Future Chicago Blackhawk?

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Finland did not medal in this year's World Juniors, which was considered a disappointment considering they were icing 13 NHL drafted players and potentially 3 first round draft eligibles. Note: There will be quite a few Finish players that will be drafted in the upcoming draft; potentially one by the Blackhawks (Helenius, Hemming, Pulkkinen, or over-agers Lassila, Mannisto).

Konsta Helenius only managed to net 2 points in the 7 games in the International competition. At times, Helenius couldn't find his rhythm getting into open ice against some of the world's same aged best defenders. In the video below there is a highlight package (recommended no volume) that focuses in on Helenius's shot from the right side:

As you can see, Konsta Helenius is almost assuredly going to be a RW at the next level due to his ability to unleash his accurate wrister while on an offensive rush. This was something that was not seen at the WJC, however it may just be a footnote at the levels beteeen Liiga and the WJ this year.

How does Helenius project as an NHL wing and would the Blackhawks draft him?