Kyle Davidson is Asking Too Much

Chicago Blackhawks v Ottawa Senators
Chicago Blackhawks v Ottawa Senators / Chris Tanouye/Freestyle Photo/GettyImages

Add a couple more defenseman to the "sitting for trade reasons" category this week and it starts to beg the question: Is Kyle Davidson just asking for too much on our players? From all reports it seems like Patrick Kane to the Rangers was all but a done deal. Frank Seravalli (@frank-seravalli) had it as his bold prediction before the season after all. Kane was very disappointed by the Tarasenko deal as well. Today, there are reports that Kane to the Rangers was actually pretty close at one point. No one is more connected the Hawks than Seravalli in my opinion, so if he says something like that before the season, I tend to believe he has some knowledge on it.

So, what was the issue? Ask. The problem wasn't injury concerns, age, contract, etc... It's about the ask at this point for me. Jake McCabe is having a good year, he is playing like that top 4 we always thought he'd be when we signed him from Buffalo. If we retained and he became a 2x2m top 4 defenseman is he worth a 1st round pick? Yep. More than that? Well, no not really. Reading the market you can see that teams hesitate to pay more than that historically... so why ask for more and risk being shut out of the market?

Sam Lafferty is a fantastic player that can do alot of things, but he is already 27 and is likely at his ceiling right now. A 2nd rounder for him? Sure. More than that? No. I find it hard to believe a contender wouldn't give up a late 2nd for him thusly making me think Davidson is holding out for a 2nd/3rd combo or there abouts.

Point being: It just "feels" like the Chicago Blackhawks are gambling with their assets right now. The market is moving and we need to get going. Right. Now.