Kyle Davidsons' Trade Deadline Checklist

New York Rangers v Chicago Blackhawks
New York Rangers v Chicago Blackhawks / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

We are just 25 days out from March 3rd now. We have entered crunch time. A big deal has happened (Horvat trade and extension) and last night a minor deal happened (Megna to Kraken for a 4th). That means that Kyle Davidsons' phone (s) should be ringing (vibrate with a new baby in the house).

Sure there is the "everything must go" camp that says sell everything cheap so we can just move Rockford to Chicago and finish with the worst record... However that isn't what will happen. Let's look at this from a realistic point of view.

Waiting on Toews and Kane decisions aside there are some players that Davidson should look to move before other teams fill their needs with other available options.

Sam Lafferty
Chicago Blackhawks v Vancouver Canucks / Derek Cain/GettyImages

Sam Lafferty is a fan favorite, on a great contract, and in the prime of his career. It's why we want him to be a Blackhawk and keep him one. It should also be why he is a very attractive addition for a contending team for their third line. With 1.5 seasons of 1.15 million left, Lafferty should command either a late 2nd or a 3rd and an additional asset. If a team is willing to part with a 2nd for Sam Lafferty then you make that deal.

If I were Kyle Davidson I would think that Sam Lafferty is worth this price and I wouldn't budge on it. If a 2nd round pick price tag is not met, I would hold onto him for another year.

Jake Mccabe
Chicago Black Hawks v Edmonton Oilers / Lawrence Scott/GettyImages

McCabe is having a great season. Never a big point producer as a defensive defenseman McCabe should still demand a hefty return. He is a legit top 4 on almost every team looking at a playoff run. He is still below 30 and has a reasonable AAV (4m) that can be paid down by the Blackhawks. If you could get McCabe at a 2m cap hit wouldn't that be worth a 1st round pick? If I were Davidson, I'd hold out for a 1st in the 2023 draft and a sweetner like a C prospect or future mid round pick.

Those are the two moves I expect to happen. All other moves are secondary or out of Kyle Davidsons' hands at the moment. Athanasiou could get a late pick, maybe someone would like Jack Johnson for a career AHL player, or perhaps a team really wants to add Alex Stalock for insurance. These are all secondary moves though and not at the forefront of any important boxes on this trade deadline checklist.

Davidson wants / needs / expects a 3rd first round pick. He should do everything he can to try and turn McCabe and Lafferty into this important asset. I would focus on these two items first and wait to see what Kane and Toews want to do when they have their meeting. The secondary market (after all the bigger names are traded) can be useful, but truly won't make or break this roster.

This trade deadline should see 1 huge deal when Timo Meier gets dealt, but here is hoping that Davidson can work the phones to acquire another1st in the next 25 days.

Checklist Rundown:

1. Let Toews and Kane know you are available to talk

2. Work the phones on a McCabe deal for a 1st round pick

3. Push wide spread interest in Lafferty to acquire a 2nd round pick

4. Listen to offers on the secondary market for our bottom 6 / bottom pair players

5. Hold onto Kurashev and Raddysh unless it's an offer you can't say no to like Hagel deal