Let's get to know Petr Mrazek

Claus Andersen/GettyImages

The Blackhawks got Petr Mrazek and the 25th pick from the Toronto Maple Leafs for the 38th pick in the 2022 draft.

Mrazek was drafted by the Detroit Red Wings in 2010 NHL Draft during the fifth round. He played for the Red Wings from 2012 to 2017, when he was then traded to the Philadelphia Flyers. During his time with the Red Wings he had two seasons where he played more than 50 games. In the 2015-2016 season, he played 54 games and had a .921 save percentage. Then in 2016-2017, he played 50 games and had a .901 save percentage. His career save percentage is .909.

After playing just 17 games for the Flyers, he went on to sign with the Carolina Hurricanes. Mrazek played in Carolina for three seasons and was their starting goalie. He went 23-14-3 in his first season with the Hurricanes and brought them to the Eastern Conference Final.

As a free agent in 2021, he signed a 3 year contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs worth $11.4 million. Mrazek went 12-6 to start the season and had a .888 save percentage, which was the lowest of his career. He suffered a grion injury, which plays a huge part in why Toronto was unpleased with his production. If he wasn't injured, he would've been able to help the team out in their playoff run.

This trade was good for both teams. The Blackhawks were looking to fill the goalie gap and a veteran goalie like Mrazek can be huge help. Even though the team is undergoing a rebuild, the goalie is one of the key indicators of a teams success. Toronto needed more money to be able to sign Campbell and other free agents. Welcome to Chicago, Mrazek!