Lottery Picks Coming into Focus for the 2024 NHL Draft

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With the season coming to an end soon, the focus will now shift to the upcoming 2024 NHL Entry Draft for those fan bases that cheer for teams currently at the bottom of the standings. At present the bottom 11 teams look this:

32. San Jose

31. Chicago

30. Anaheim

29. Columbus

28. Arizona

27. Montreal

26. Ottawa

25. Calgary

24. Buffalo

23. Seattle

22. Pittsburgh

We make special note of these 11 teams in ode to the fact that a team may only move up 10 spots at the maximum or in other words; these are the only teams at the present moment that can win the NHL Draft Lottery. So what would one of these teams get with the #1 pick? That answer is easy; Macklin Celebrini. Still the rest of the draft has been more of a mystery throughout the season.

As we enter April and with just 3 months until the draft, has the top half of the 1st round started to come into focus?

Artyom Levshunov
Minnesota v Michigan State / Michael Miller/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Players likely to be drafted right after Macklin Celebrini: