Top 5 low-cost goaltenders the Blackhawks can sign in NHL free agency

The Chicago Blackhawks could add a goaltender to the organization in 2024-25, and there are a few serviceable names in the free agent market.
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Laurent Brossoit would make an incredible 1B in Chicago

Laurent Brossoit is best suited to be a backup goaltender, but he could also evolve into a 1B role in the NHL if needed. He’s been a well-respected name in the league, and Brossoit has seen NHL ice time since the 2014-15 season, so he’s done enough to stick around in the lineups of three different franchises. 

While never asked to play in over 24 games in a single season throughout his career, Brossoit does have 135 appearances and 114 starts to go with what is a solid 0.910 save percentage, a 2.66 GAA, five shutouts, and an admirable 0.570 quality starts percentage. 

It’s true that Brossoit has played on great hockey teams over the past two seasons; it’s also worth noting how epic his numbers have been since the 2022-23 season began. He’s had a 0.927 save percentage in that span and a sensational 2.06 GAA, and you can even argue he’s playing even better this season as Connor Hellebuyck’s backup with the Winnipeg Jets. 

No, he won’t see that same success with the Blackhawks, but like so many discount-free agents on the market this season, Brossoit has a lot of wisdom to share with such a young group following a Stanley Cup title in 2023.