Top 5 low-cost goaltenders the Blackhawks can sign in NHL free agency

The Chicago Blackhawks could add a goaltender to the organization in 2024-25, and there are a few serviceable names in the free agent market.
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Casey DeSmith would make for a good stopgap as a 1B

Casey DeSmith is currently the No. 1 goaltender with the Vancouver Canucks, substituting for the injured Thatcher Demko. However, DeSmith is a No. 2 goaltender and one who could factor in as a true backup if the Blackhawks don’t plan on keeping Soderblom in the lineup next year. 

This situation would lead to Petr Mrazek taking most of the reps while DeSmith starts every few games. While this season has not gone his way, especially with Vancouver’s latest loss, DeSmith had a serviceable run with the Pittsburgh Penguins, for whom he played five seasons. 

Never a No. 1 goaltender in the Steel City, DeSmith still snagged 58 wins, a 0.912 save percentage, a 2.81 GAA, and nine shutouts. Like the other low-cost goaltenders on this list, DeSmith isn’t a player the Blackhawks should look to keep any longer than one season if they signed him, but he is a reliable stopgap, especially if he plays in no more than 25 games. 

Like Comrie, DeSmith would also understand the situation in Chicago, and he would likely make way for someone coming through the ranks later in the season. If the Blackhawks have a goaltender in their system next season they feel is one year away from making it to the lineup, it makes the one-year deal DeSmith would likely sign even more enticing.