Luke Richardson: Jack Adams' Votes?

Tampa Bay Lightning v Chicago Blackhawks
Tampa Bay Lightning v Chicago Blackhawks / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Before the season it seemed almost a foregone conclusion that Arizona and Chicago would vie for the worst record in the NHL. Well, Chicago is consistently playing above their roster talent and Arizona constantly is surprising teams destined for the postseason.

When Kyle Davidson hired Luke Richardson a few signs started to pop up that should have alerted everyone that Davidson chose wisely. First there was the chatter from Habs' fans about how losing him on the staff was a huge loss and even the incoming coach seemed quite disappointed (but not surprised) that Chicago indeed was hiring the former NHL defenseman.

The big sign, for me at least, was that a free agent (Max Domi) went right out and said he came to Chicago for Luke Richardson. Fast forward to today and with one of the worst constructed rosters in NHL history, Luke Richardson and his staff are showing the league that THIS Blackhawks team will make you earn every goal and win against them.

Adjustments on the fly, lines paired against the opponents' best all seem to be working for Richardson since the trade deadline has passed. No, the results do not always result in wins... but how could they? When the talent and skill to net the puck is so low, the margain for error is almost nill.... and yet we are in on almost every period so far as a competitive and tough to play team.

"Adjudged to have contributed the most to his team's success" is the baseline for the Jack Adams Award, and by all accounts I can't say Luke Richardson hasn't given it his all for this team.

Take this for what it is, but since the trade deadline the Blackhawks have been outscored by opponents by just 1 goal! If that doesn't deserve an award, I'm not sure what does.