3 major setbacks the Blackhawks suffered this season that won’t be issues in 2024-25

The Chicago Blackhawks suffered a plethora of major setbacks in 2023-24, but a few of them won’t be major cases next season.
Carolina Hurricanes v Chicago Blackhawks
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Connor Bedard and company will know what to expect 

While Connor Bedard has been sensational all season long, he’s still produced just 60 points in 66 contests and scored 22 goals. Don’t get me wrong: These are outstanding numbers, but when you compare his rookie season to what he will end up with years down the road, we’ll look back at his 2023-24 season and note just how much of a struggle it was for him. 

Remember, he never transformed the Blackhawks into a high-scoring team, and he didn’t reach anywhere near the mark Sidney Crosby did back in 2005-06 when the then-rookie logged 102 points and 39 goals. 

Keep in mind that the 2005-06 Penguins also weren’t that good, finishing the year with just 58 points. But they were a better scoring team that year, as issues on defense sank the Penguins. A jaw injury also hampered Bedard’s overall development, though he still came back strong and acclimated well in his rookie season. 

You can say the same for the other youngsters on the team this year who will return in 2024-25. With that, they will know what to expect, and there won’t be as many surprises, so look for Bedard to at least threaten a triple-digit points total if he stays healthy while everyone else improves with him.