3 major setbacks the Blackhawks suffered this season that won’t be issues in 2024-25

The Chicago Blackhawks suffered a plethora of major setbacks in 2023-24, but a few of them won’t be major cases next season.
Carolina Hurricanes v Chicago Blackhawks
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Sheer inexperience won’t haunt the Blackhawks to the same extent

Taylor Hall was one player the Blackhawks were counting on to help alleviate some growing pains, but he lasted for just 10 games because of a knee injury. Hall has another year left on his deal, and if he’s still with the team (hey, anything can happen) and fully healthy, expect Hall to return and curtail some of the inexperience that this team will still possess, albeit to a lesser degree. 

But Hall won’t be the only one, as not only do the Blackhawks have some seasoned veterans returning, they also have enough money to add a few more who will provide a veteran presence, something I stressed the importance of in more detail in a previous article

This point also ties in with the last slide, thanks to Connor Bedard and company also growing another year older. Not that the Blackhawks, especially their youngest players, won’t be immune to inexperience, as nobody in professional hockey can learn everything in the span of one season. But we will see a respectable difference in the on-ice product from 2023-24 to 2024-25. 

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say this issue will still be there, but nowhere near to the same extent. And as the 2024-25 season progresses, the Blackhawks sheer inexperience will further alleviate, and you can expect a better team in April 2025 than what will take the ice in October 2024.