News: Blackhawks Tuesday Game Postponed And Return Of The Taxi Squad

San Jose Sharks v Chicago Blackhawks
San Jose Sharks v Chicago Blackhawks / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

The Chicago Blackhawks' next game was supposed to be on Tuesday against the Columbus Blue Jackets, but unfortunately, it was postponed on Sunday. The entire NHL has been dealing with a lot of COVID outbreaks prompting them to hit the pause button on the season ahead of Christmas this past week.

The pause was to go into effect on Wednesday and was going to run through Christmas before getting back up on Tuesday. The Hawks postponement is one of a few games to be postponed so far as The Penguins/Leafs, Bruins/Senators games have all been haulted as well.

For the Hawks news of the postponement there is one thing to note - we do not know how much of the team is affected at this time. The Hawks did not hold practice on Sunday and therefore did not report any new positives. The next time the team takes the ice will be telling for where the roster is at.

As for the overall roster the NHL announced they would be reintroducing the Taxi Squad for the next month up to the All-Star break. Here is one bit of information from Frank Seravalli:

The salary cap is not going to help team's get out of a tough salary cap situation, rather it is going to be used to give teams the opportunity to put out a full lineup when some guys are out with COVID related illnesses. Overall the decision to reinstall the taxi squad was long overdue.

The Blackhawks had not had too many issues with COVID this season up until this point. Now though they have had four games postponed, and that number might go up as the season goes along. Finding time to make up these games is going to be interesting - especially considering all four matchups were supposed to be at home and might take place elsewhere if the scheduling does not work out.

Chicago's next game is scheduled for Wednesday against the Winnipeg Jets.