One major roadblock the Chicago Blackhawks face in trying to acquire Martin Necas

The Carolina Hurricanes reportedly want to make a hockey trade instead of a trade for future assets. The Blackhawks do not have a lot of players that would appeal to a contender like the Hurricanes in that situation.
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Blackhawks are rumored to be interested in adding Martin Necas this offseason. It makes sense since the Carolina Hurricanes forward is exactly the player the Hawks need to add as they make their way back toward being a playoff contender.

The soon-to-be-restricted free agent scored 24 goals and registered 29 assists in 77 games this past season. He had 28 goals and 43 assists during the 2022-23 season.

The Blackhawks need more forwards willing to shoot the puck and create offense for others. Since Necas is 25, he is a perfect player to add at this point during this extensive rebuild.

The Hurricanes are believed to be interested in trading the pending RFA because they have to pay Seth Jarvis, who is also a pending RFA. Center Jake Drury is also showing promise and he is also set for restricted free-agency.

In addition, veterans Jake Guentzel and Teuvo Teravainen are set to become unrestricted free agents. Both players are also possible targets for the Blackhawks to sign in free agency.

Needless to say, the Hurricanes only have so much money to throw around to keep one of the best offensive attacks in the NHL together. That means someone has to be moved and it makes sense to trade Necas since Jarvis is 22 and Drury is 24. Plus, Drury's next deal will not be as expensive as Necas.

There is a roadblock in the Hawks' chances of trading for Necas to get his restricted free-agent rights.

It is being reported that the Hurricanes are not interested in picking up draft picks or prospects for Necas.

That poses a problem for the Blackhawks as they lack a lot of assets to pull off a hockey trade.

The Blackhawks have plenty of draft picks to spare and a lot of promising prospects that can make them an ideal trade partner for another rebuilding team. The Hurricanes still think they are in a contention window, so they want players back that can help them now.

Outside of Jason Dickinson, Nick Foligno, and Seth Jones, the Blackhawks do not have a lot of players who can help a team now. Even then, Dickinson might have just had a career season only to return to being a decent player. Foligno is old and Seth Jones' contract is an albatross hanging around the Blackhawks' figurative neck.

There is one bold move the Blackhawks could make to add Necas.

The Blackhawks have plenty of cap space to skip a trade entirely by trying to sign Necas to an offer sheet.

The problem with that is the Hurricanes can trade Necas before free agency starts to a team that can pull off a hockey trade and sign Necas to a deal.

If Necas somehow makes it to where he can shop around for an offer sheet, then the Blackhawks should look into getting him signed to one. He is a young talented offensive player about to enter his prime years. The Hawks want to up their standards and Necas can help in that area.

However, since the Blackhawks cannot offer a lot of immediate help to the Hurricanes, the chances of getting Necas are not very good.