One simple reason the Chicago Blackhawks should draft Ivan Demidov over Artyom Levshunov

The Hawks can add a talented offensive player to pair up with Connor Bedard.
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The Chicago Blackhawks face a tough decision with what to do with the No. 2 overall pick. They could go safe with Michigan State defenseman should draft Artyom Levshunov.

Safe does not mean Levshunov is a bad prospect. It is quite the contrary. Levshunov can control a game at both ends of the ice.

His ceiling is not nearly as high as the other prospect the Blackhawks are speculated to be targeting.

The Blackhawks should draft Russian forward Ivan Demidov because of his immense potential to be a superstar much like Connor Bedard.

Demidov is considered the second-best prospect according to and the Hockey News.

He dominated the MHL with 23 goals and 37 assists. Demidov's recent visit to the States has also addressed all the concerns about him as a prospect.

He plans on coming over after his KHL contract expires next season. Demidov is taller than his listed five feet, 11 inches. He is a dynamic skater that the Hawks might not have another chance to draft in the future.

The hope is the Blackhawks improve next season to where their odds of landing a top-three pick are slim. That means the chances to draft players like Bedard or Demidov are hopefully not going to happen.

That is why the Blackhawks must pounce at the chance to add another offensive force. Sure, the Hawks could use a stellar defenseman like Levshunov. Good defensive prospects can be found later in the draft.

Even if the Blackhawks are in the draft later in the top 10, the Hawks can still get a good defensive prospect. The Blackhawks found Kevin Korchinski with the seventh pick in the 2022 draft.

The Hawks need to find another star player to pair up with Bedard. Sure, the Hawks have potential prospects to match up with him. They also have the cap space to swing a trade or sign a free agent to get a premium player.

Demidov allows the Hawks to add a player with the ability to match Bedard on an entry-level contract at a young age. That is too good of a chance to pass up.