One stat Connor Bedard and Brock Faber should not be compared in the Calder Trophy race

Stop using +/-, it is an outdated stat.
Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports
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There is one argument for Faber that needs to be thrown out.

The pro-Faber camp keeps pointing to one stat as to why it should be Brock getting the Calder Trophy and it is the plus-minus stat.

Bedard is a -38 while Faber is a +2. It is also 2024 and that stat is meaningless now.

We have Corsi and Fenwick and Natural Stat Trick stats that better measure a player's value on the ice. We also break down stats in 5-on-5 situations, power play, etc.

When you go to Faber's breakdown of his plus-minus, it is not all rosy as the Faber truthers want you to believe.

Plus-minus also is a bad comparison since Bedard is a forward. He could be nowhere near the goal and still get a minus rating if the opponent scores. You get that minus rating simply by being on the ice when a goal is scored depending on the situation.

Yes, Bedard has played most of the season at center, so he should be supporting the defense. It has usually been the Hawks blueliners making mistakes that allow a goal.