Over / Under Blackhawks Edition

Let's have some fun
St Louis Blues v Chicago Blackhawks
St Louis Blues v Chicago Blackhawks / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

With the season rapidly approaching entering tonights preseason matchup most prognosticators are on the line of the Blackhawks not making the playoffs this year. While that's in line with my own projections it will be interesting to see how this all "shakes out". After all, "it's why they play the games" to quote the great Chris Berman.

I thought it'd be fun to set some over / unders for our Blackhawks and players and look back on this (and the twitter feed) to see how it played out.

Again, these are set by me based on realistic expectations.

Let's start with the one we all are thinking of first; Connor Bedard.

Over / Under 77.5 points (I'll take the over)

Over / Under 35.5 goals (I'll take the under)

What about the season for Lukas Reichel?

Over / Under 50.5 points (I'll take the under)

Over / Under 19.5 goals (I'll take the over)

Corey Perry AND Nick Foligno goals this season?

Over / Under 25.5 goals combined (I'll take the over)

Games played at the NHL level?

Alex Vlasic over / under 40.5 (I'll take the under)

Wyatt Kaiser over / under 52.5 (I'll take the over)

Issak Phillips over / under 25.5 (I'll take the over)

Kevin Korchinski over / under 10 (I'll take the over)

Philipp Kurashev games played?

Over / Under 69.5 games played (I'll take the under)

Seth Jones points this season?

Over / Under 50.5 points (I'll take the over)

Who will have the most starts in net this season? (I'll take Soderblom)

Taylor Hall, benefits how much from being on a team where he is on the top line again?

Over / Under 28.5 goals (I'll take the over)

Finally the big one, how many points will the Blackhawks finish with this season:

Over / Under 72.5 points (I'm taking the over)

There you have it, some over/under superlatives for the season. I'm curious if you agree with my assessments of the expected ranges for the players and team? I know Connor Bedard is going to be good, but expecting a 40 goal / 80+ point season as I've seen may be tough to come by when every team's main objective is to stop him. Time will tell, but I'm seeing a 32 goal / 46 assist type of year and to me that's where my expectations are.