Patrick Kane and Alex DeBrincat: A Match Made in Heaven

Washington Capitals v Chicago Blackhawks
Washington Capitals v Chicago Blackhawks / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

Find yourself a partner that looks at you the way Alex DeBrincat looks at Patrick Kane. The two have been a stellar pair for the Blackhawks for several years now, and they seem to have the perfect symbiotic relationship. Both of their productions seem to have skyrocketed after playing alongside each other. Would the Blackhawks want to keep them around during a rebuild? Of course! Will they be able to? That has not definitively been made clear, at this moment, but there are inclinations to believe these two will have and will hold each other until death do them part.

Yesterday (4/27), I wrote about comments DeBrincat made about his future with the team amidst a rebuild. Not long after those comments were made, Patrick Kane, unbridled and unprompted, stated the following per Ben Pope of the Chicago Sun-Times:

"Some chemistry..." I'll say. Together, the two have been the driving offensive force for a struggling Blackhawks team. DeBrincat has 41 goals and 36 assists. Kane has 26 goals and 66 assists. Together, they have 169 of the team's 582 total points. That's good for nearly a third of the team's total points all wrapped up in these to offensive stalwarts! It makes all the sense in the world for these guys to stay together. It makes sense for them and for the team.

Ultimately, if the desire is there from both sides to stick through this rebuild, then surely they (the team, the players) can make it happen. With DeBrincat only 24 years old and Kane, even at 33, not showing any signs of slowing down in his production, it's worth it to continue pouring resources into 12 and 88. Plus, you need someone to lead the next generation of players for the Blackhawks that hopefully can lead them back to Stanley Cup glory. I think "Old Man" Pat and Cat will be up for the challenge.