Patrick Kane Could Still Be a New York Ranger

New York Rangers v Chicago Blackhawks
New York Rangers v Chicago Blackhawks / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

His frustration with the Vladimir Tarasenko deal was about the most outwardly expressive we've seen Patrick Kane in a long time. It truly showed that, yes the New York Rangers were the team he was focusing on. After the deal, the noise was loud about how they were concerned about his play and his price tag.

Yesterday there were new reports, in the midst of a classic Patrick Kane heater no less, that perhaps the Rangers aren't done thinking about Patrick Kane afterall. So if you start to look at all the present factors; could this work out?

1. Patrick Kane has to say "Trade me to the Rangers". Hopefully he lists a few teams, but emphasizes New York.

2. The supposed asking price that NYR thought was too high before is now met.

3. The return is what Kyle Davidson would accept.

If you look at the return for Tarasenko and assume that the Kane ask was higher what would that look like? Tarasenko was sent with Niko Mikkola for a 1st, 4th, an NHL player, and an average prospect. 50% was retained and New York was able to make the deal work money wise.

I'm going to propose a more complicated deal. One where I think the New York Rangers would immediately become the Stanley Cup favorites.

To New York: Patrick Kane (at 2.625m or 25% of contract) and Sam Lafferty (1.15m through 23-24)

To Chicago: 2023 1st (higher of the two 1st), a 2024 2nd, Barclay Goodrow (3.64m through 26-27) and prospect Adam Sykora (or Brennan Othmann if Kane intends to extend).

To Buffalo: 2024 4th (NYR) for Brokering 2.625m

If you look at just the UFA situation for the Rangers there is a chance that if the Blackhawks take on the long term of Goodrow, whom is a good player just not a huge difference maker, he could resign with New York. A deal with term but lower AAV could interest Kane if it guarantees him 3 years at a cup. I could see a 2 or 3 year deal in the 7-7.5 million range. They would have to let Tarasenko, Mikkola, Halak and Motte all walk in order to get to that number however. I'm sure Tarasenko wouldn't be too happy about that.

If Kane would extend then I'm asking for Brennan Othmann. I can hear angry Rangers fans now. To that I say, why? Imagine being able to field a top 6 of Kane, Mika, Kreider, Panarin, Trocheck, and Tarasenko every night. Imagine playing Vesey and Lafferty in your bottom 6 to kick butt as a pure luxury. This would be the run away cup favorite team for likely 2 years. That defensive core with Igor and those 4 lines? Why are you over thinking the future of what could be with Othmann (whom is not on his normal ppg in the OHL after the deal btw) when you can have that roster RIGHT NOW.

Say what you want about Patrick Kane, the Hawks, or the Rangers. They would all benefit from a blockbuster like this:

A. Rangers sell some futures to field maybe the best roster in recent memory.

B. Blackhawks get good value for 2 players that won't be here when we are good again

C. Kane gets to finish out his career in the state he is from with a team that can win it all

That's a deal worth discussing at the very least. If you read the tea-leaves on the most connected "insiders" with the two clubs... It certainly seems there is at least some smoke to this building fire. If the ask is above the Taransenko deal than a 1st, Goodrow, and a top prospect is what I'd center it around. Goodrows' AAV is low, but the term is long so I believe in a few seasons New York would like to move it anyway. The 2nd would be for Lafferty and his cheaper AAV now replaces Goodrows' bottom 6 role.

Is it complicated, sure... but it sure does make for one heck of a blockbuster deal.