Patrick Kane has a Huge Audition if he Wants to be Moved

Chicago Blackhawks v Vegas Golden Knights
Chicago Blackhawks v Vegas Golden Knights / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

If you read into all of Patrick Kanes' comments since Vladimir Tarasenko was traded one thing is clear: he is considering a move. Now, as discussed before, it seems like he has missed his opportunity by not being more pro-active earlier. We have 13 days and 7 games until March 3rd though, so there is still time albeit the end of the 3rd period.

Let's look at those 7 games:

19th @ Toronto

21st vs Vegas

22nd @ Dallas

25th @ San Jose

27th @ Anaheim

28th @ Arizona

2nd vs Dallas

That's 3 teams that still might make a move for one of our players (yes, even Toronto still for McCabe) and then 3 "tank" games in a row that should hopefully be games in which our assets should produce some points and look good.

What if Dallas liked what they saw on the 22nd and then Patrick Kane is above a point per game over the "tank" 3 game set? Could they trade for him on the 1st and then have him play the Hawks on the 2nd? That would be absolutely wild, but also not out of the realm of possibility.

Vegas won't be shy about using their new LTIR room (Mark Stone) and if Kane has a great showing against them, maybe they could be inclined to make a move for him. This is THEE opportunity for both Patrick Kane and the Blackhawks to make their assets (or yourself) stand out to the league (and these teams in particular).

I could easily see the Blackhawks coming out of these 7 games (or last 8 before the deadline) with a .500 record and some of our players looking better than in the past few weeks. Adrenaline should be high and I expect alot of scouts at all of these matchups. Will Patrick Kane, Sam Lafferty, Jake McCabe, or Max Domi be dealt in the next 13 days? I think the answer will lay within their play over these 7 games.

I'd also like to point out that despite his play of late, Patrick Kane is on a 59.49 point per 82 pace. What does a 60 point forward UFA command in this market? Well Tarasenko is at a 60.52 per 82 pace so that should tell us alot. Huge games ahead Hawks' fans, let's enjoy them!