Preview of the Blackhawks 2nd Round in the NHL Draft

Who is still on the board
Dual in the D Michigan v Michigan State
Dual in the D Michigan v Michigan State / Dave Reginek/GettyImages

With the 1st round coming to a close Wednesday evening it is now time to look forward to tomorrow's conclusion to the 2023 NHL Draft. With a staggering 9 picks still, it is unlikely that Kyle Davidson makes all of them however let's dive into some of the possibilities that have now presented themselves.

The 1st round ended without any trades being made "day of" and now a night will go by in which the GMs can discuss scenarios with more time on their hands. The Blackhawks have selections at 35,44,51, and 55 in the second round so let's concentrate on who is left on the board.

From my big board let's look at the next 40 players as that should encompass the Blackhawks next few selections. Anaheim and Columbus will pick to begin the morning and then Chicago will have the #35 pick to choose from one of these players:

Oscar Fisker-Molgaard, Alex Ciernik, Ethan Gauthier, Riley Heidt, Etienne Morin, Lukas Dragicevic, Koehn Ziemmer, Gracyn Sawchyn, Lenni Hameenaho, Andrew Cristall.

Gavin Brindley, Michael Hrabal, Beau Akey, Nick Lardis, Danny Nelson, Noah Dower-Nilsson, Noel Nordh, Jakub Dvorak, Carson Rehkopf, Mathieu Cataford.

Maxim Strbak, Jayden Perron, Jaden Lipinski, Martin Misiak, Carson Bjarnason, Tristian Bertucci, Anton Wahlberg, Emil Jarventie, Felix Nilsson, Jesse Kiiskinen

Kalan Lind, Hunter Brzustewicz, Gavin McCarthy, Luca Pinelli, Kasper Haltunnen, Roman Kantserov, Nico Myatovic, Jacob Fowler, Juraj Pekarcik, Luca Cagnoni.

Out of these next couple groups I think the focus should be on narrowing it to a group of 12 players that should make up the 2 picks in the first half of the second round. For me that group in order is:

1. Lukas Dragiceivc

2. Ethan Gauthier

3. Alex Ciernik

4. Gracyn Sawchyn

5. Gavin Brindley

6. Danny Nelson

7. Nick Lardis

8. Koehn Ziemmer

9. Michael Hrabal

10. Riley Heidt

11. Beau Akey

12. Oscar Fisker-Molgaard

As I've mentioned many times, I believe Alex Ciernik is on their list of players they like. I would not be surprised if one of these second rounders has his name written all over it. Obviously there are 2 guys on this list (my #1 and #2) that we'd all love to draft but there are two teams ahead of us meaning we could lose out on both. I have first round grades on still alot of these players and I'm sure Kyle Davidson will take the best player on the board, as he has done so in his young career.

I have to say, isn't it just amazing knowing that Kyle Davidson just looks at his board and says, "oh this is the best player available and I'm just going to select him"?

Good night Chicago! Can't wait for tomorrow!!