Projecting which Blackhawks players will receive contract extensions in the 2024 offseason

The Chicago Blackhawks have a few players due for contract extensions in the 2024 offseason, so will they sign one of their players to a new deal this summer?
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Philipp Kurashev

Next to Connor Bedard, Philipp Kurashev is the Blackhawks most exciting player, and he’s the only one on this list you can make a sound argument to get an extension this summer or shortly before the 2024-25 season. Kurashev’s 18 goals, 54 points, and 19:01 of average total ice time were all massive improvements over his 2022-23 campaign, not to mention the fact he also converted 14.1 percent of his shots into goals. 

In a worst-case scenario, Kurashev is the Blackhawks second-line center heading into next season, and if Chicago wanted, they could also keep lining him up next to Bedard in games or at least specific situations. Given the kind of value he put forth this past year, his age, and the likelihood his production will continue to trend north, Kurashev may sign an extension this summer. 

Like many instances, he probably wouldn’t sign it until September or even in the early fall, but for a team like the Blackhawks that desperately needs a good core, locking Kurashev in for a new deal will immediately take a weight off their shoulders. 

They will also organically get better as a team in 2024-25, leading to even more opportunities for Bedard and Kurashev. Lock him into a new deal and let fans and the NHL universe know he will be one of the faces of the new-look Blackhawks. 


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