Reviewing the Draft Lottery Odds for the Chicago Blackhawks

Luck of the Draw
St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

It was a Monday. May 8th, 2023 to be precise when the city of Chicago (and fans around the world) learned that the Blackhawks had won the NHL Draft Lottery. With just an 11.5% chance (3rd position) mainly thanks to some end of season heroics by Andreas Athanasiou, Chicago would jump Columbus and Anaheim to secure the right to draft Connor Bedard.

While Anaheim and Columbus looked like they would get cornerstone center prospects in the draft (Leo Carlsson and Adam Fantilli), it would be Chicago that was the "luckiest" out of the lottery teams vying to move up in that years selection process.

Fast forward to today and while we were all intent on knowing all the aspects of the process then, here is a quick review on the rules moving into the 2024 draft (June 28th-29th in Las Vegas at The Sphere):

Connor Bedard, Oliver Moore, Adam Gajan, Martin Misiak, Nick Lardis, Milton Oscarson
Chicago Blackhawks Welcome Event for the 2023 NHL Draft Class / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The team that finishes / their odds at #1:

* Reminder only the bottom 11 teams have a chance at moving to #1 as the rule is now set in place that a team may only move up a maximum of 10 spots in any given draft.

32nd: 25.5%

31st: 13.5% (Where the Blackhawks currently reside)

30th: 11.5% (These are the odds the Blackhawks won with last time)

29th: 9.5%

28th: 8.5%

27th: 7.5%

26th: 6.5%

25th: 6.0%

24th: 5.0%

23rd: 3.5%

22nd: 3.0%

With the season past it's midpoint now, the Blackhawks losing games at an alarming rate, the focus will now likely shift to that of draft eligible players across the world, the development of the Hawks own prospects (already drafted), and to the upcoming draft lottery.

Will the Blackhawks be lucky two years in a row? We shall see.