Sam Dickinson Prospect Profile / Future Chicago Blackhawk?

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Sam Dickinson is a fluid skater with quick reversals and has an excellent carrying motion (and proven at the CHL TP week's drills). He would also place second in a transition drill while carrying the puck. From a Blackhawks perspective, Kyle Davidson has always mentioned that skating ability would be at the forefront of any potential future draft picks that they would make.

In terms of a prospect, I can find very little to pick apart when looking at the projection to the NHL for Sam Dickinson. Outside of Macklin Celebrini, he may be the safest pick inside the 1st round. A defender that has size, can skate, and has experience in all situations does sound like a player that almost all of the teams drafting in the top 10 will look at, let alone the top 5.

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In terms of physicality, Dickinson does not shy away from contact and regulary muscles forwards away from retrievals and "50/50" pucks while also showcasing the ability to win board battles in key situations. While not the "wow" offensive talent that a Zayne Parekh or Zeev Buium are, the most important aspects of those responsibilities are handled professionally by Dickinson.

What is Sam Dickinson's draft projection and NHL future?